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Gramercy Tavern and Neighborhood Friends

Here at Brick City Urban Farms we have been lucky enough to have countless individuals help us along the way.  Our friends spread the word, gave advice, and even dug in and got their hands dirty.  This year has been no different.  Just recently some of our new friends from Gramercy Tavern in New York City stopped by, and some of our old friends from the neighorhood have been around all over again. Gramercy helped out by planting our heirloom Tomatoes, while the kids were sowing some of our bean seeds.  The folks from Gramercy Tavern even took back some things to put into service that very night!

Keeping up with the Neighbors

One of the most immediately rewarding aspects of the farm, besides seeing the crops grow, is the enthusiasm that the project has infused in our neighbors. Corn growing on Spruce Street has attracted curiosity. People stop by to check out what’s going on. And in the spirit of neighborliness, (or neighborly competition) the guys next door have their backyard sparkling.

Perhaps inspired by our lot’s aesthetic overhaul, the guys at Cura gave their backyard a face-lift. A few days after we started planting, they whacked weeds and mowed their grass. They ask questions and offer advice. One guy was skeptical at first. “I didn’t expect anything to grow at all; what’s in that water you guys use?”

It’s just Newark’s finest.