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Summer Round Up

Welcome back! It sure has been a while, and we apologize for slacking a little bit in the update department. Don’t worry though, we have kept busy, focusing our attention on our beautiful tomato, pepper, and eggplant harvest, our first neighborhood and restaurant sales, and even the addition of our new rooftop site, with views of all of Newark and even New York City.

Billy Haberthur was one of our earliest supporters, back when our farm was still an empty lot, and without him and his forklift we may not have even been able to unload our first potting soil.

Ever since, we’ve been using his office at North American Facilities Group as a make shift office and podcast studio. Even more recently he offered us his rooftop, already replete with chairs, grills, an inflatable pool, and ceramic full size cows. We have just begun to see the cauliflower, collard greens, and varieties of lettuce and spinach start to take off. It even made it onto the cover of Newark Live, a Star-Ledger creation.

Back on the original Lincoln Park site, we have been nearly overrun with our vegetables coming into their full maturity. The unique heirlooms and delicious hybrids have been a wonderful addition to our harvest, as local restauranteur Dan from Arturo’s, a great Italian restaurant offering authentic fare, has taken note and began to take whatever tomatoes we can offer him.

Lastly, there are a few people who we couldn’t have done without. Our friend Tom Venezia from County to County Landscaping has been an invaluable source of knowledge and expertise, and his son Tommy spent many days down on the farm with us.

Our super volunteer Belinda, whom we met at the Lincoln Park Music Festival has spent three full days a week for the past month, and has become an integral part of our efforts.

Council President Mildred Crump Shares Her Farm Stories


A light rain fell, bees buzzed between our newly blooming sunflowers, and one of New Jersey’s most influential women shared stories about her grandfather’s farm in Georgia and her late husband’s legendary garden here in Newark. Always committed to the issues of hunger, Ms. Crump spoke with us about how churches and governments, local and national, have helped and at times hurt the cause of food security over the years. She enthusiastically welcomed us to the community, describing our work as, “fabulous!” Stay tuned for Ms. Crump’s favorite eggplant recipe.